At CLOTH we feel that an important part of the fabric shopping experience is to see and feel the fabric on the roll. The weight and texture are as important as colour and print and we encourage our customers to visit the shop in person if possible.

However, we have a growing number of customers from around Ireland and beyond. We have developed the on line shop to facilitate all our customers who cannot visit us in person or who simply like to shop at home. We are happy to post small complimentary samples so that customers can see and feel the fabric. Customers can also order swatches at the cost of a quarter metre.

We stock a wide variety of dress and household fabrics on the roll. We also carry sample books and shade cards. Ordering from our sample books can take as little time as two working days. If you do not find what you are looking for on our web site please ring or email to enquire. It is not possible to put our whole stock on line.

CLOTH takes pride in stocking fabric that it is difficult to get elsewhere. We also source unusual fabrics for specific uses. We have sourced fabric for aeroplane interiors, cello making, hunting pinks, cheese making and viking reconstructions.

We have a list of dressmakers and designers that we recommend.

We provide a curtain, blind making and upholstery service.

We can give advice about the type and quantity of fabric you’ll need for your application.

We can help you measure for clothing and curtains.

Plenty of room in our shop for wheel chairs and prams.

There are seats for flicking through pattern books and for weary shopping companions.